Le Gritty Debacle Awakens

21 01 2016

You may have noticed that last fall we did not all get together to ride 100 or so miles of Iowa’s finest gravel roads around Iowa City? Well, while you may have attributed this to promoter laziness, disorganization, or some other word with a z in it, the truth is less complicated and sports an x – next year!


We wanted to move to the spring. So we are, because we can. Sunday April 10th, same deal as before so READ THIS and take a ride if you like. More details to follow if there are any, so stay tuned!




What Is Up

1 10 2014

Here is the deal. The Gritty Brevet is going lofi except for the name, forever forward please reference and hashtag le Gritty de Bockle

photo (10)

Thanks to the kids over at Urban Dictionary for the help explaining that one! Basically the gist is this, I hate email. And insurance, sorry to any insurance agents that read this but you take and take and take and complain when you have to give. Not into it! I read this great thing the fine folks at Almanzo threw up on the internet and it nicely boils down how I have been feeling about this ride:

If that kind of mileage and time isn’t your thing, come down to ride any one of the courses…or don’t. The courses that we have laid out over the last eight years were there the whole time, they just needed to be directed…so we did that. At this time, we’d like to invite you to come out and ride. No start line. No finish line. No fancy tents. No rosters. No bragging. No bullshit. Just bikes.

So whatever this has been in the past it is now just this – a great day out on the bike. People are going to leave from the shop here this coming Sunday morning, October 5th to ride at 8 am. All are welcome. All are responsible for themselves. All are welcome to ride as much or as little of the route as they like. Or ride it twice, what the hell. No registration. No entry fees. No results. And no pictures, please, unless you or your bike are really good looking.

Cue sheets. I won’t have any you need to bring them. If you have them from years past you are good to go. If you have never done this before but have a friend who has see if they have some cues for you. Or  you can print them off from the site here, located here.

That oughta do it, after 4 runnings of this thing I feel like it is well understood and people understand what to expect. But if you have questions that is fine, they will all be answered Sunday on the ride!


Sound Check

4 09 2014

Two… Two… hup! hup! Two…

Is this thing on?




le Gritty de Bacle

2013 Stage Set

1 10 2013

Just sent the 2013 cue sheets and general informationals out to all the riders we have on our roster, if you did not get it please get in touch with us!

Gritty Brevet 2013, Why Not?

28 08 2013

Okay. Here it is, an official announcement that YES the Gritty will roll on in 2013. This will mark our 400th mile offered. The big question of course is, when? How about October 6th, sound good? If not, keep it to yourself, please, we are doing the best we can to accommodate everyone but like our weird president George Lincoln always said, you can ride half of the gravel most of the time, and the other half all of the time, but you can’t ride all of the gravel all of the time. If the 6th of October does not work for you, as ever you are welcome to go ride the route by yourself whenever you like, as the 30¢ Squad did back in July. Feel free to tell us about it, we will be mighty impressed and might list your accomplishment on the blog here.

Or if our date does not work you could go check out the Moonshine Metric on September 21st. It’s a great ride, and if you ride up from Iowa City and do the route and ride back you get almost a double metric gravel century. At night. The Gritty Brevet pales by comparison! What you should do, though, is clear your calendar, ride the MM as training, and join us October 6th here at the shop for a ride around Iowa City on some fun gravel roads and maybe some gas station pizza! As ever, to register you MUST send us an email to there:

grittybrevet (at) gmail (dot) com

With your name, whether you want to drink the 75 or 100 mile cocktail, an emergency contact, and anything else you would like us to know, such as:

  1. Your age
  2. Frame material of choice
  3. The longest ride you ever did
  4. Your high school nickname
  5. If you ever led most of the Gritty Brevet field off course
  6. Whether you will be riding a single speed or fixed gear bicycle
  7. Clones or Hawks
  8. Shaved legs or hairy
  9. Whatever, etc and so forth

As ever remember this is NOT a race, but intended to be a fun and challenging day on the bike. No prizes but pride. You might get free beer when you are done. More details to follow!

2012 Ride Recap

24 09 2012

A better day for a ride we could not have bought. It was cold in the morning, but sunny, light wind, perfecto. Around 40 riders took the start, pretty similar to years past and we did less promotion this year to keep it that way!

Gritty Brevet 2012

Almost everyone finished, pretty much everyone was tired, the 1 cyclocomputer that was lost was found, Trumpet Blossom took good care of us with french fries and drinks o plenty. And mostly people stayed on course, not sure what the difference was there, but we welcome it. All in all GB3 was good enough for us to proclaim Next Year! Thanks for being part of the ride.


2012 Registration is CLOSED

17 09 2012

If you registered, thanks! We will send out an email with details for you later today or maybe even tomorrow.